Player Comments

Paul Glascoe – International Oilwell, Singapore

“The event was very well thought out, with great venues and a great closing night. To you and all involved, thank you and hopefully we will all be there for the next event. I am sure if you did 2 of these a year you would get the same response”

Peter Moore – PIAS, Singapore

“The great friends I’ve made and brilliant fun I’ve had, because of your efforts in putting on such a great tourney in the correct spirit of fun and friendship is absolutely priceless!….. Well Done again!!”

Gary Selbie – Premier Oil, Indonesia

“Overall I thought the tournament was great. I had not played either of the courses before and enjoyed them both immensely. I have already told a few of my golf buddies down here what a good event it is, so hopefully we can bring up a few guys from Jakarta when you hold it again next year.”

Eric Cameron – Petrosea, Indonesia

“POC just gets better and better. The organization, courses, friendship and rivalry makes this 2 days to remember. Roll on 2016”

Miko Gipson – SPX

Excellent event to socialize in  oil & gas industry !  Especially the heart of the group towards charity! We work, play and help the others at the same time. Bravo!!!